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The vision of a Bahamian institution for higher learning in the maritime fields emerged from the country’s rich legacy of Maritime prominence in the international industry. The Bahamas, an archipelagic nation, is the world’s fifth largest Maritime Registry, a ranking that reflects The Bahamas’ enduring presence in a global industry that remains highly competitive. This global prominence also highlights the incredible yet virtually untapped potential to add significantly greater value to the Bahamian economy through shipping, by growing the numbers of qualified Bahamian seafarers and experts in the maritime business.


Nearly 1,500 ships around the world carry the flag of The Bahamas. The LJM Maritime Academy (LJMMA) was borne out of a vision to put skilled Bahamians on each one of those ships and the many others that traverse the world’s seas.


The Academy offers two options for cadet training: a diploma in nautical science deck/navigation, a 36-month programme and a diploma in marine engineering, a 39-month programme. The deck option charts the course for students aspiring to become Master Mariners and the engine option establishes the foundation for those aspiring to the ranks of Chief Engineer. Students enrolled in these programmes are engaged in theoretical and practical training and have access to the latest maritime technology, equipment and tools that meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

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The LJM Maritime Academy is a non-profit institution, and the first of its kind in The Bahamas, transforming the country’s higher education landscape.

LJM Maritime Academy